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Lazy Mom Weekend
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I was a lazy Mom last weekend. Well, only last weekend?

I have this habit of staying inside the bedroom during weekends.

It depends on what I obsessed with each time.

I can read all day, watch TV all day, TV series marathon or movie marathon.

I just move from where I am to eat or go to the bathroom. Yes, sometimes, I do not take a bath or brush my teeth.

No, I am not a depressed Mom. Just lazy at that! I am happy during weekends when I laze around with what or anything that I obsessed with.

Last weekend was movie marathon for me.

I watched the following:

· Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

· Bridget Jones’s Baby

· Suicide Squad

Wow, Right?

NewVeil @ 7:28 am
Theaters or home
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And then my mind became blank. Oh no, I do not like to suffer any memory diseases..okay, I know what to write now! i WaS THINKING ABOUT WATCHING MOVIES IN THE MOVIE THEATERS OR home movies instead! Well, I recently watched Train to Busan last Monday in the cinemas. It was a good experience as there was two kinds of entertainment inside–from the movie itself and for the very reactive moviegoers inside the theater. I shouted with them. I cried with them. I laughed with them. I became fearful with them. It was really thrilling. Do we get that in the comfort f our living room with only one of two of you are watching?

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The next Taylor Swift
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Now that I will be a stay at home Mom, I need t be able to do productive things. One in my lists is to really be able to play the guitar and eventually compose songs! Who knows? I might be the next Taylor Swift! I mean, the mother version of course! First, I need sheet music for guitar and be able to start writing those notes, right? I am excited!

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Sing her heart out
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I love my country! Well, we had a vacation last week and went to the North! It was a three day road trip and thank you to my husband and brother in law for patiently staying awake to be able to drive us for 22 hours! The South meet the North was our peg! Well, it was the request of our lovely daughter and my mother in law gave in! I wonder if next time my daughter will request for audio technica microphone as semestral break is nearing and she wants to belt out, sing her heart out for another year!!!

NewVeil @ 7:25 am
Good things come in small packages
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Good things come in small packages, indeed! Wohoo!!! Look at the MF’s ukulele selection! Love it, love it! I could not contain the overflowing emotion inside me that I could compose a song inside my mind right now! I would like to pick one and feel it in my arms! Yes, that is how I am affected by a ukelele. It is not a big guitar or a grand piano or a classic violin. It is a small ukelele that you could hold and caress and it is good to you also with its beautiful sound!

NewVeil @ 7:10 am
House Mama
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Yes, I am currently a House Mama! Since I left my job in Brunei, I had been from one job to another here in our country. It is fine to look for a job and land one but I was not able to stay for a long time in one position. Maybe I was looking for something that I could not really get because I lack the education. I did not finish College. Now, I am a House Mama! I hope to stay here for long? I hope not!

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An appreciation
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I have been living in my brother in law’s house for a couple of months already. I am really thankful for their generosity and helping me out until I can already afford a place of my own. I know that I have not really been spending anything since I arrived and I have to make up for it in some way. Well, my sister does not really mind. I think about her husband and as an appreciation, I will give him ampo for headphonos. Yes, he is into music and he loves good sounds. I hope that he will like my gift.

NewVeil @ 8:08 am