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Buy a an Iphone 8
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My mobile phone is acting up. It is an Iphone 5S. Well, it has been with us for three years now. I need a new one? Well, I am waiting for an Iphone 8 and hopefully, I will have the money to purchase one. Hehehehe. Mobile phones are really not that cheap, huh! Then, I thought, do I really need a mobile phone when I am just always at home these days? Think, think, think.

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I want to go back to singing and playing a musical instrument
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A lovely morning! There is a song that has been playing inside my mind and I was looking for an instrument that I can use to play it at www wwbw com woodwind brasswind. I am humming the song and playing a brasswind right now, can you hear? Anyways, yes, I want to go back to singing and playing a musical instrument. It relaxes me and who knows, I can also make use of it in the future for some money.

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I love a baritone
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I can totally hear musicians friend marching baritone in my ears. Well, yes, just by reading it I can hear it! Maybe, that is the inner ear that one celebrity always talk about in one of the TV shows here in our country. Oh, how I love a baritone! I think this is also a term for one of the kinds of voices in a choir, right? There is soprano, alto, tenor and a baritone. Interesting!

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When time is not enough
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I already feel sleepy but I still need to write this post. Oh, my, I need to hold on. This is how writers feel? Well, I need to earn that is why I need to sacrifice a few hours of sleep. They say that you need to learn time management to be able to do all the things that you need to do. I agree! However, what can you do when sometimes, time seems not enough?

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Family of artists
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When it comes to brand, we love JBL. One of my second cousins told me about jbl line array and he definitely use it in his music. I am so proud of this cousin of mine because he is a musician in the States. Well, I think we are really a family of artists. The younger generation expresses themselves more than the oldies, though. Thank you to technology for making all these possible.

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Keep the fire burning
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Apart from June, December is also a wedding month. This early, I have seen in my Facebook feeds two weddings! My sincerest congratulations to them and may they keep the fire burning.

There will really come a point in your married life that things may seem cold. Well, arrest that coldness right away! Do not even let it in that you need to work hard to make things warm or hot again. It might be a harder task. As they say, in everything, prevention is the key.

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When a string will be cut
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It is December! Wow, time flies fast! I always say that, right? It is a weekend as well, so what have you been up to, lately, my folks? As of me, the usual, browsing through for some canvassing of music instrument prices and accessories too. Well, when you are a Mom of music lovers and three members of the family who are into guitar, you need to find good deals. Once there are sale offers, I grab them right away since you do not know when a string will be cut.

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