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When time is not enough

I already feel sleepy but I still need to write this post. Oh, my, I need to hold on. This is how writers feel? Well, I need to earn that is why I need to sacrifice a few hours of sleep. They say that you need to learn time management to be able to do […]

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Try me

Whoa! 15 minutes left and time is up! Oh, no! It is really hard to beath the deadline, you know! I know I can do it, though. I know I can finish all of it in 15 minutes? Try me. Hahaha!

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Writing marathon. No mre ideas are coming out of my brain cells. Oh, no! Well, you know when you are in rudh, you just tend to be more productive. Now, I am asking myself, am I making sense? Hahahaha! Anyways, I know I can do it. One more post and I am done!

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Writing with humor

I think I am writing with humor. Well, yes, that is not for me to say but for my readers, right? It is just that, sometimes, I love what I am writing. Well, first, maybe the reason is because I love talking to myself. Now, you would say that I am crazy, huh? See! I […]

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Writing marathon

Yes, it is a different kind of marathon. It is a writing marathon. It is my tenth post for the day that is why I thought of the title so why not write about it? You know the one that they call, writer’s muse? Hahahaha! I am no writer. I am just here to express […]

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