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Be like the greats in music

Visit for all your music needs. It is a good store to shop about anything and everything. Well, I for one frequents the site and so many options to choose from in terms of guitar selections, sound systems, bass instruments and up to the accessories! Much more, there are really good promo offers that […]

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The winner today

A trip to the mall a while ago. Girls to the dress, shoes, and bags shops while boys to the hardware, electronic and music stores. My son particularly looks for guitar amps for his music ministry. I really wondwer where it will lead him. Maybe he will be able to compose great praise songs someday. […]

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Go for good brands and get your money’s worth

Yyyyyyyyyyy…. pardon my yyyyyyy….. okay, I am just practicing if there is really something wrong about my yyyyyy…. seems all is good, huh! Well you know how hard it is to have defective keyboards. My husband had bought two already and both are defective. I really do not know why he just let go of […]

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No more box bags

My sister asked me to find promotional backpacks. Apparently, my nephew is into backpacks and does not want to use his box bag anymore. Well, my son did use backpacks before too. It is a progression. First trolley bags, then box bags, then backpacks then sling bags, maybe. Anyways, my sister is looking for a […]

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Drive my own motorcycle

Joe Rocket Phoenix 3 pants? Eye candy! Hahaha! I am sorry for the outburst! I really like what I saw. Anyways, yes, the shopaholic in me is acting up once again. Yes, I should not really entertain that idea that I am one. 😉 Anyways, need to get just that one. Have I mentioned that […]

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Good day for shopping

Wow! I like the bogner I saw! Well, though the winter is over and no more snow to play on, I think I can still wear those? Hahahaha!Well, the brand has other items and I think I shall try them all. Oh, it is a good day for shopping, huh! I am just trying to […]

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Things that you need

I think I need to check the national cycle windshields. I need one for my bike. Well, it is rainy lately and yes, windy! Talking about buying the things that you need, huh! Oh, well, yes, I know. But, I need to buy shoes, bags and new clothes too. Haha! I know, those are just […]

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