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I love a baritone

I can totally hear musicians friend marching baritone in my ears. Well, yes, just by reading it I can hear it! Maybe, that is the inner ear that one celebrity always talk about in one of the TV shows here in our country. Oh, how I love a baritone! I think this is also a […]

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The next Taylor Swift

Now that I will be a stay at home Mom, I need t be able to do productive things. One in my lists is to really be able to play the guitar and eventually compose songs! Who knows? I might be the next Taylor Swift! I mean, the mother version of course! First, I need […]

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It is elections time and I can hear many novelty songs once again–as far as the tunes… then popular theme songs of TV shows are also being played with lyrics changed to promote or to campaign for the candidate. Well, yes, campaign jingles are in once again. I wanted to be a composer before, I […]

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Member of the band

Have I mentioned that I played banduria before? What I love about my school before was the many clubs that I could join. One club that I wanted to join was the band. You know, parading on the streets during Fiestas and other school celebrations. My friend did join and had baritone horn. I wonder […]

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More alive

There are houses or rooms specifically that has guitars on their walls. Nice decoration, I must say. Yes, I must have one too thus I am looking for the best guitar wall mount. I have an expensive guitar thus I do not want it to just drop and be broken. It deserves to be well […]

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Favorite pick

One of my son’s favorite things to do is to buy guitar picks.He has a box already! Maybe, it is his collection? Well, I would say a good one, right? What is it about picks, by the way? I once played a string intrument also and I had a favorite pick. I just felt that […]

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The tenor

I only learned now that there is such thing astenor sax. A saxophone has voice ranges of sort too? I thought that just like in guitar, it depends on the notes for it to produce high or low sound. You know, for the very low, the is bass and other instruments known for low sounds. […]

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