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Buy a an Iphone 8

My mobile phone is acting up. It is an Iphone 5S. Well, it has been with us for three years now. I need a new one? Well, I am waiting for an Iphone 8 and hopefully, I will have the money to purchase one. Hehehehe. Mobile phones are really not that cheap, huh! Then, I […]

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I need to buy a new mobile phone and htc desire is one of my options. Time to go Android this time, my friends always tell me. Well, I agree. Maybe I really need to embrace modern technology and I can do it by simply purchasing a high tech phone! That will be the start. […]

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My cousin from New Jersey would be coming to the Philippines for a visit. We are very excited because we have not seen her for a very long time. She would be bringing along her kids too! My son would surely be very happy to see new faces! My cousin, as generous as she is, […]

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