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Keep the fire burning

Apart from June, December is also a wedding month. This early, I have seen in my Facebook feeds two weddings! My sincerest congratulations to them and may they keep the fire burning. There will really come a point in your married life that things may seem cold. Well, arrest that coldness right away! Do not […]

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Keeping it a secret

I sometimes do not understand why people like to keep their relationship with someone a secret especially when there is nothing to be ashamed about or if it is not legal. Well, they are happy so I think they must shout it to the whole world. That is what love is all about, right? Anyways, […]

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The husband professed his love to his wife

The husband professed his love to his wife. That is during the birthday celebration of the wife. How sweet! Well, it is just a show in TV that I am watching. Not really in real life. Well, maybe there is also something like that in real life, huh? Yes, I know some couples who are […]

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Letting Go

I am letting you go Like a dead leaf falling down from the branch of the tree New ones will bud again It is painful but I must turn away No looking back We might see each other again It will never be the same Like anything that has been broken Even if fixed, its […]

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