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We Can All Be Heroes

They say that if you have relatives who are either priests or none or anyone serving the Lord, it is like having a ticket to heaven. Oh, if my relatives or parents took that seriously maybe I am already a Nun today. Yes, I wanted to be a Nun before because I admired our Catechism […]

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Stop and enjoy

I love cymbals! I can hear its sound in my ears right now. Oh, yeah, let me have those cymbals and let me create those sounds! If you wold like to play any musical instrument and think that learning to play one is hard, then think cymbals! In this life, we need some music to […]

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I have no right

Everybody inside the house is feeling cold. We need a heated blanket. How much more are the people left in evacuation centers? They sleep on the floor with only a cardboard separating their bodies from the cold cement. I really feel for them. That is why, I realized that I am really blessed and I […]

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Deliver the best

Everything has a category and rank, eight? There are even cigar rankings! Well, we need to really review everything that we pay for. We have to know its contents and what benefits we can get from it. We should not settle for anything less because we deserved the best, right? Oh, life really has many […]

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No one would know

The latest news just break my heart. Imagine joining a fun run to have a sports and try to improve your health but who would know that it could do even more harm or at least the scenario that happened when some people who might just be out of their minds to kill or destroy […]

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Circle of life

My Mom is with my sister already. Because of that, my sister and I had a misunderstanding. Painful words were spoken and somehow we are not in the speaking terms. All of us are trying to be good children, I suppose but at the expense of whom and who shall benefit, right? I told my […]

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Back to the living room

Son is sick. We have to go back sleeping at a more ventilated room. We are here now. He is sleeping at the sofa. How about me? Here, writing. I do not know how I will be able to sleep. Anyways, I do not intend to call it a night. I have lots of things […]

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