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Addicted to Scrambled Eggs

Yes, I am a certified scrambled eggs lover now! Well, I thought that the eggs that I have been eating ever since are scrambled but it turned out that they are omelets! Well, there is a trick in having fluffy and moist scrambled eggs, whisk it while cooking. I know that many of you already […]

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Mommy is Home

Mommy is Home! Well, I am talking to myself. I am telling myself that I am home. I am convincing myself that even if it is a Saturday, I must still move and do my Mommy duties. Yes, even if I think I have to rest and sleep the whole day. Well, I am a […]

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House Mama

Yes, I am currently a House Mama! Since I left my job in Brunei, I had been from one job to another here in our country. It is fine to look for a job and land one but I was not able to stay for a long time in one position. Maybe I was looking […]

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Beautiful Home

Are you building a new home? For cabinets, look for the ultimate drawer slide guide here. This has been especially useful for one of my friends who really made it a point that she has a very nice kitchen. Yes, the complete customized one! I really literally drooled when I saw her home! Well, I […]

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Time for modernization

I found Auralex and I think my brother in law will like this. well, he is into sound preservation or blocking of sounds? I really do not know how to write about what he likes. Well, before he had tons of egg cartons in his room. According to him, he wants to have this cinema […]

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New copies

My sister in law was panicking upon seeing her home washed out by the muddy flood. She immediately looked for her bag where she placed all their important documents like land titles, diplomas, transcript of records, birth and marriage certificates, passports, and the recent medical assisting certification she acquired. She luckily found the bag with […]

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My clever friend

Peter, one of my friends received a a destaco clamp this Christmas. He loved it! Well, Peter loves to repair things. He loves to become his pwn repairman. He does everything on his own from carpentry to electricity to plumbing. He can do it all! I really admire his independence. Imagine the amount of skills […]

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