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My Teacher

Yey! I have been pretty busy lately because my daughter just graduated from College! She is now a Teacher! Well, she has to take the Board Exam but I am really full of joy right now because it has been a feat! She had to sacrifice some of the things she likes to do like […]

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An appreciation

I have been living in my brother in law’s house for a couple of months already. I am really thankful for their generosity and helping me out until I can already afford a place of my own. I know that I have not really been spending anything since I arrived and I have to make […]

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High standards

One of my friends believe in the best of everything even in giving gifts. So, if you think of giving him something, always think of the Top Rated Gear. I really admire his disposition regarding that matter since who does not like to settle for less, right? It is good to have high standards and […]

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Explore art

I love to try New Products! Well, it is like having a new experience. I also like the smell of new! It is a refreshing feeling. That is why I love Christmas. You know, those days when we were still kids, we only have new things during the Holidays! It is worth the wait though! […]

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Wish list

My son listed addario strings in his wish list for Christmas. This early, huh! Well, it was his birthday last June and we bought him a new guitar. As I mentioned in my previous posts, he is into music. He also sings and I am glad that he is offering his talents to the One […]

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Mom can buy it

So, better sound mixes, another thing that I think I shall add to my son’s list is a synthesizer ! I am sure that he will be very happy with this surprise. Well, he does not include this in his list because he is very conservative in asking gifts. Well, maybe he is thinking about […]

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For service too

What gift? Well it happened that it will be my son’s birthday this June. He is involved now in church’s music ministry and youth club. He told me that anything Arturia would surely make him happy. He would be able to donate it to the church and not only he would be happy but he […]

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