It feels like I am still new to the veil.
We Can All Be Heroes
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They say that if you have relatives who are either priests or none or anyone serving the Lord, it is like having a ticket to heaven. Oh, if my relatives or parents took that seriously maybe I am already a Nun today. Yes, I wanted to be a Nun before because I admired our Catechism teacher, Sister Agnes.

Today, I realized that you can still do good things to people even in your own ways. I have a friend who is abroad now and he is really a kind person. According to him, he will visit our country soon and maybe go to places where he can share his blessings. Well, he is a musical person so maybe he will share some of his musical instruments or buy new ones at Link To Copy: guitar center dallas. I really admire him for his generosity and I hope I can also be like him and make a difference someday too. As they say, we all can be heroes.

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