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Happiness for every purchase
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I have a shopaholic friend! Well, both of us are but the difference is I am just window shopping but she has to actually buy it all and spend her money! Well, that is another difference, she has the cash and all the credit cards in the world! I envy her? Sometimes!

Anyways, this friend of mine is still single. While I look for 90 x 120 tablecloth, she will look for dresses! :) Not a bad thing! I imbibe her happiness for every purchase!

Speaking of table cloths, I really like to have one for every occasion. Well, there are many in a year, right! I also love the dining room in our house as there is where we really converse a lot, over food of course! Let me see, I have one for the Holidays, one for Valentine’s Day, one for the Haloween, daily use, and for Birthdays! What did I miss? I love table cloths! Yes, it is my happiness for every purchase.

NewVeil @ 6:28 am

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