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Circle of life
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My Mom is with my sister already. Because of that, my sister and I had a misunderstanding. Painful words were spoken and somehow we are not in the speaking terms. All of us are trying to be good children, I suppose but at the expense of whom and who shall benefit, right?

I told my sister that all of us should be responsible for our mother. It is a very long novel why we are quite detached to our Mom. Well, not to wash our dirty laundry in public anymore, I guess…

Anyways, I just sent my Mom to my eldest sister. She has our brother and Mom now. I know I did not do my end of the bargain. But, it is family first, I guess. I was caught up between my own family and my Mom. My kids do not like their grandmother. I and my husband found it difficult to get along with her as well.

Now, maybe my sister is right about saving for old age. Our future grandchildren and even our kids’ future spouses might not like us as well.

NewVeil @ 12:38 pm

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