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I want to learn Jujitsu
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Cristine Reyes and her husband is in a local TV show right now and they demonstrated the JUJITSU SPORTS. It is pretty interesting. I want to learn the Sports! I think I was able to learn about the Sports too in one of the Koreanovelas that I watched. Well, I better stop watching too much TV, I guess and be able to do some exercise, instead, right? I should start from there, first! :)

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Finance power for things that we want
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My friend asked me about 6 string bass available at Musicians Friend. She saw in one of my FB posts that I frequent the site. Well, I told her to check for herself and find very affordable items there. We, Moms should always find ways to at least have a little savings from our purchases, right? That is one way to have additional finances for things that we want like a guitar! Well, my husband is actually asking for one right now!

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Addicted to Scrambled Eggs
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Yes, I am a certified scrambled eggs lover now! Well, I thought that the eggs that I have been eating ever since are scrambled but it turned out that they are omelets! Well, there is a trick in having fluffy and moist scrambled eggs, whisk it while cooking. I know that many of you already know how to do it and I just learned last week, now it is my seventh day of eating scrambled eggs for breakfast. I know this will pass soon but for now, I am enjoying it.

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All for the kids
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A lazy weekend as it is bed weather here in our place. Good thing that there is an internet connection–we can still enjoy the day by doing what we love–that is shopping! One of my favorite sites as you already know is Well, not that I am the one who needs what I will buy there but I am the one who is going to approve the purchase, anyways. Yes, all for the kids!

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My Teacher
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Yey! I have been pretty busy lately because my daughter just graduated from College! She is now a Teacher! Well, she has to take the Board Exam but I am really full of joy right now because it has been a feat! She had to sacrifice some of the things she likes to do like music! Thus, as a gift, I am showing her guitar picks! Well she can get a brand new guitar and all the picks she wants!

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Mommy is Home
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Mommy is Home! Well, I am talking to myself. I am telling myself that I am home. I am convincing myself that even if it is a Saturday, I must still move and do my Mommy duties. Yes, even if I think I have to rest and sleep the whole day. Well, I am a Mom. I should do the things that a Mom should do. I should do the laundry, iron the clothes, clean the house, cook and all that. Is the Mom in or is it the Maid in?


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We Can All Be Heroes
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They say that if you have relatives who are either priests or none or anyone serving the Lord, it is like having a ticket to heaven. Oh, if my relatives or parents took that seriously maybe I am already a Nun today. Yes, I wanted to be a Nun before because I admired our Catechism teacher, Sister Agnes.

Today, I realized that you can still do good things to people even in your own ways. I have a friend who is abroad now and he is really a kind person. According to him, he will visit our country soon and maybe go to places where he can share his blessings. Well, he is a musical person so maybe he will share some of his musical instruments or buy new ones at Link To Copy: guitar center dallas. I really admire him for his generosity and I hope I can also be like him and make a difference someday too. As they say, we all can be heroes.

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