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Happiness for every purchase
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I have a shopaholic friend! Well, both of us are but the difference is I am just window shopping but she has to actually buy it all and spend her money! Well, that is another difference, she has the cash and all the credit cards in the world! I envy her? Sometimes!

Anyways, this friend of mine is still single. While I look for 90 x 120 tablecloth, she will look for dresses! :) Not a bad thing! I imbibe her happiness for every purchase!

Speaking of table cloths, I really like to have one for every occasion. Well, there are many in a year, right! I also love the dining room in our house as there is where we really converse a lot, over food of course! Let me see, I have one for the Holidays, one for Valentine’s Day, one for the Haloween, daily use, and for Birthdays! What did I miss? I love table cloths! Yes, it is my happiness for every purchase.

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It is a god morning
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The stress is gone! I found the password emails! Well, I needed to use the desktop computer as I do not now how to look for SPAM messages in my I-PAD! Yes, it is ME who needs to be more techy and learn how to use the gadgets. Anyways, I am really happy that I still have time to write my assignments and earn! Now, I can say, it is indeed, a Good Morning!

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Beautiful Home
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Are you building a new home? For cabinets, look for the ultimate drawer slide guide here. This has been especially useful for one of my friends who really made it a point that she has a very nice kitchen. Yes, the complete customized one! I really literally drooled when I saw her home! Well, I will definitely save for my own and have beautiful cabinets not just in the kitchen but in the bathroom and even in the closet.

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Morning Stress
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I am having problems with passwords again as the reset password facility of one of the sites I am trying to access seem not working. I have to work on some opportunities and I really hope to get the passwords soon! Well, I know that it is my fault. Oh, I should not stress out on this in this early morning.

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Handsome and a good story teller
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What to do today? I am awake too early in the morning. I think I should sleep more. Maybe I could also start my day already? Hmmm… what better way but start it with some music! Yes, I will play my favorite, the blake shelton greatest hits! I really love Blake Shelton. I love Country! I love his style! He is really a good story teller. He is handsome too! Do not forget, he has great voice!

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Think too much thus feel too much
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It is a Sunday! After three day rest, I feel better. Maybe, it is really the stress that causing all that I feel. I think too much thus I feel too much. It now makes sense. I guess, I really need to have some stress management. I need to manage my stress. I have observed that singing does that.

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Old or new
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It is a Sunday! Yehey as it is my day off! If someone would hear me, he might say that I am really old. Nowadays, they use rest days instead of day off, right? Well, okay, I might already be okd, then.

Would you agree that old is synonymous to classic? Well, classif means of the first, established standard, highest of its class, and so on… What comes to your mind when you hear the word, classic guitar? Something that is nice to look at, good to play with and bes sounding, right? Classic can be old or new, then.

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