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Wish list
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My son listed addario strings in his wish list for Christmas. This early, huh! Well, it was his birthday last June and we bought him a new guitar. As I mentioned in my previous posts, he is into music. He also sings and I am glad that he is offering his talents to the One Up There. Well, he and his friends are members of the church choir.

Martha @ 4:58 am
Productive Saturday
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I can say that it is a productive Saturday.
Well, I finished some assignments and even cleaned my mailbox.
I also watched two movies.
Now, I know that has been a good use of my Saturday.
I was not able to do some exercise though.
Anyways, I still need to read some books. The day is not over yet so I still have time.

Martha @ 8:10 pm
The Supportive Mom
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I have to see MF for a new guitar! Well, it is for my daughter who shall turn 18 this October. She is not really into singing because she is more of a dancer. She just likes to at least learn one musical instrument. Yes, she wants to make some music. Maybe she is more on the composing side. Who knows, right? I am just here to be the supportive Mom. :)

Martha @ 8:01 pm
The total believer
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Everyone is into superfoods these days. Well, most women I know and even celebrities. There are many people who sell superfoods in the office too. It is also all over the social network. Well, it seems that healthy is the new fad. I hope this fad lasts. Health is wealth. I am a total believer of that. After all, it is our body. We have to take care of it because we only got one.

Martha @ 7:57 pm
Family bond
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Now that I am in a faraway palce, I really miss my kids. I have a daughter and a son. I plan to buy bracelets for us. I have been hearing about magnetic bracelet benefits. In that small way, we shall have a bond and somehow I will be at peace. It will also make me always remember them and so they are to me. Of course, my husband should have one too. That is a good thing about these bracelets, can be both for men and women.

Martha @ 2:25 pm
Mom can buy it
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So, better sound mixes, another thing that I think I shall add to my son’s list is a synthesizer ! I am sure that he will be very happy with this surprise. Well, he does not include this in his list because he is very conservative in asking gifts. Well, maybe he is thinking about the cost. Thank you that there is a friend in music that provides the best prices. Mom can buy it for you, son!

Martha @ 5:10 am
Pain and expense
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I am watching the news right now and it is about a mother who is worrying about the funeral expenses for the untimely death of her loved ones. That must really be painful. The sadness and hurt that she must be feeling because of her loss is unimaginable. Add the worry of how to give them a proper burial.

What are our priorities in life? We busy ourselves in earning for food, shelter, clothes, transportation and health. Maybe, it is high time that we also give our attention to the Funeral planning worksheet. Death will come to everyone. That is something that we must be prepared of if we want our loved ones to just grieve because of the pain and not of the expense.

Martha @ 6:11 am
Kids of this generation
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I asked my hubby if the one that the artist was playing was a martin guitar at musicians friend. He said that it was more like of my brother in law’s guitar. Well, yes, I am interested with guitars now. It is because of my son of course who is now a band member as I have mentioned in my previous posts. Well, you have to give it to the kids of today’s generation. They are more expressive and know what they really want.

Martha @ 10:51 am
More space
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I am quite happy since I got more space now than ever. Well, in everything and anything be it in a car, in a room, in an office cubicle, in malls, in meeting rooms, space to move, space to work at is very very important. Do you agree? We all need space in one way or another. Our own space or if to share with others, ensure that there will still be anough for each, right?

Martha @ 1:50 pm
The skilled
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I needed to get in touch with my brother in law regarding emedia guitar method from musicians friend. When it comes to music, my bro in law is the authority. Yes, especially when it comes to guitars. His son is not into guitars yet that is why he is really happy that someone from the family is appreciating and needing his skills. :)

Martha @ 11:51 am