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Old or new
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It is a Sunday! Yehey as it is my day off! If someone would hear me, he might say that I am really old. Nowadays, they use rest days instead of day off, right? Well, okay, I might already be okd, then.

Would you agree that old is synonymous to classic? Well, classif means of the first, established standard, highest of its class, and so on… What comes to your mind when you hear the word, classic guitar? Something that is nice to look at, good to play with and bes sounding, right? Classic can be old or new, then.

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The Golden Rule
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Got a reminder for a particular task and I decided to do it right away! Well, from now on I should have this mindset to be in the shoes of the other person. Oh well then I am pushing myself once again? Anyways, that should be the case, right? It is like following the Golden Rule. What do I expext to be done unto me? I should act that way as well to the other person, right?

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A great idea for the program
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In anything and in everything, we consider value for money so we always go to the one that offers the best price in terms of amount and quality, right? We do it in every product or service that we purchase be it instruments or the smallest item in the house.

My brother in law is currently looking for a violin. They will be having a Father’s Day concert and to inject a violinist in the program is a great idea! Well, no member of their team is really a great player yet thus they need to purchase their own violin that they can use for practice. Indeed, my BIL is into canvassing the best price that he can get as they only alotted a certain amount for it. I am sure that he will land a great deal soon!

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my son’s summer vacation
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It is vacation time and I am glad that my only son is enjoying his summer in Manila. He went to my sister’s house and he is having a grand time with his cousins. They already had swimming in one of the nearby popular resort in town. Each morning, they jog in an exclusive membership club. Mpre importantly, each minute is a bonding session with his cousins and new friends in the village. I am sure that my son consider this summer one of his bests, ever!

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For him to play more guitar
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Who would agree that music is as hard as math? Do I hear a yes out there? Well, my son asked me to buy humbucker to single coil for his guitar. According to him, it will give the guitar a greater sound. Well, I am someone who would like to know the meaning of everything under the sun. For this one, I guess, I just need to see it and hear it, no explanation at all, huh! As long as it is for my son and for him to play the guitar more, I will go for it. So, okay, I will buy that humbucker.

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Six years of blogging
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So, I have been blogging for six years now? Maybe more than six? I just checked my profile in an advertiser’s site and it says there that my profile was created April 9, 2009. Imagine that? Well, I hope I was able to contribute something to my readers. I know that I have one or two people or more, I hope who pass by this blog from time to time. I would like to thank you for taking time to read my thoughts. I do hope to be able to write more and be able to share something to you.

So I want to be a big time blogger? I do! I just do not have much time since this blog was created as a medium for my thoughts when I do not have someone to talk to. It is my outlet. I hope I will have that gift of being able to write more sensible materials so that it will worth the while of the readers. :) Soon, I hope.

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Bring back the passion in writing
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After almost two months, I received an opportunity for this blog again. Well, a blessing is a blessing no matter how small it is, right? I am so happy. I always like to look back on that feeling when I was first accepted to write a post for a certain company. I was offered $2 for that post and without thinking twice, I immediately grabbed it and wrote it right away. I would like to bring that passion in me. I would like to write more.

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