It feels like I am still new to the veil.
Grooming supplies
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I am going to get douxo for my brother’s dogs. Well, in time for my little bro’s birthday! After all, he loves his dogs so much and he has spending a lot for them. I will help him by giving him some grooming supplies from that brand. Well, my brother is quite choosy when it comes to his kids. Yes, his dogs are his kids.

Martha @ 6:48 am
Have more than one
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When you play musical instruments that involve your mouth, a cool mouthpiece< is necessary. For hygienic purposes, it is advisable that you have more than one. Well, that is my opinion. You know, the saliva is not really a clean matter especially when dried by air, right? So better have the mouth piece ready for cleaning and use the other sparingly.

Martha @ 9:15 am
My son and her daughter
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Britney, the daughter of my best friend Nita is asking for an exciting roland juno-gi from guitar center. Yes, that’s the way she described it to her Mom, exciting. Well, she and my son could form a band. Why not, huh? While I and Nita are busy chatting, we can still watch the kids at the same time while they practice their music. Now, that is the real killing two birds in one stone. It can really be done at certain situations. Now, I know!

Martha @ 9:52 am
Brother and son
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What I love about summer, there are my promotions. Well, my recent find: zoom r16 for sale! My brother in law shall be the recipient of this find since he is the one who is really into music. Well, my son also likes music and sounds and drums and amplifiers and all but I guess, he is too young to acquire too many gadgets. For now, let BIL have them and maybe just lend some to my son.

Martha @ 10:56 am
Stop and enjoy
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I love cymbals! I can hear its sound in my ears right now. Oh, yeah, let me have those cymbals and let me create those sounds!

If you wold like to play any musical instrument and think that learning to play one is hard, then think cymbals!

In this life, we need some music to distract us from all the worries. Stop and enjoy music for a while.

Martha @ 3:26 am
Time for modernization
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I found Auralex and I think my brother in law will like this. well, he is into sound preservation or blocking of sounds? I really do not know how to write about what he likes. Well, before he had tons of egg cartons in his room. According to him, he wants to have this cinema feel whenever he watches a film or just watch some videos or listen to the music. He put those egg cartons all over his room- at the ceiling, on walls, good thing not on floors, huh!

Time for some modernization, Bro. Get Auralex!

Martha @ 10:39 am
Serve with a purpose
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To whoever invented casters, thank you! Well, casters make life easier. In almost all things to be carried, we can just put casters, like in tables, chairs, bed, among others. As I read in wiki, furniture casters were patented by David A. Fisher. Thank you, Mr. Fisher!

I came from a training today sponsored by my generous company. One thing that struck my mind is one of the words towards success. That is SERVE with a heart. Serve with a purpose. Serve something that is of value to mankind. I think that the inventor of casters truly believe that too! :)

Martha @ 5:10 am
Member of the band
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Have I mentioned that I played banduria before? What I love about my school before was the many clubs that I could join. One club that I wanted to join was the band. You know, parading on the streets during Fiestas and other school celebrations. My friend did join and had baritone horn. I wonder what I would play if I were accepted. Maybe the drums! Anyways, I ended up as one of the majorettes. :)

Martha @ 1:25 pm
To the City
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I am taking a look at the amps for sale. It is my brother in law’s birthday next week and I think he would love this. Well, he is into music. He loves good sound. He actually invests in good speakers. He got it from his Dad, according to my sister.

So, it is party time next week! The whole family is excited because that means we are going to the city. Yes, they live there!

Martha @ 9:03 am
I have no right
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Everybody inside the house is feeling cold. We need a heated blanket. How much more are the people left in evacuation centers? They sleep on the floor with only a cardboard separating their bodies from the cold cement. I really feel for them. That is why, I realized that I am really blessed and I do not have the right to be sad or be depressed about things. There are so many things in my life to be thankful for.

Martha @ 8:32 am