It feels like I am still new to the veil.
An appreciation
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I have been living in my brother in law’s house for a couple of months already. I am really thankful for their generosity and helping me out until I can already afford a place of my own. I know that I have not really been spending anything since I arrived and I have to make up for it in some way. Well, my sister does not really mind. I think about her husband and as an appreciation, I will give him ampo for headphonos. Yes, he is into music and he loves good sounds. I hope that he will like my gift.

NewVeil @ 8:08 am
Land a job soon or get bored to death
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It is weekend once again and yes, I am still jobless. Actually, I think I am not actually jobless as my hands are really full. The difference is I receive no payment for all of it.
Let me see, I am torn between the below tasks:
– read a book- OK, that is really not a task but for my ME TIME
– write- another one that I think a ME TIME
– play my games in Facebook- huh! Another ME TIME
– clean the house- now that could really be a chore!
– iron clothes- I truly need a helper here!!!

Kidding aside, I honestly think that I must land a job soon or I will really get bored to death.
What to do? What to do?

NewVeil @ 2:45 pm
My Dream Wedding
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Come to think of it. My blog is titled Newly Veiled, meaning I just got married but I have not written about my wedding or my dream wedding yet. How ironic, isn’t it?
Well,what is my Dream Wedding?
What is your Dream Wedding?
Some will say that it is to be with the man that I love: CHECK!
Others will talk about the color theme, mine was RED: CHECK!
I am sure you have a reception in mind: CHECK!
How about people that you would like to share your joy with? CHECK!
Food? CHECK!
Wedding gown?CHECK!
Flowers? CHECK!
There is actually an endless list if you would like to put up a Dream Wedding.
At the end of the day, you would just smile and thank God that the wedding is over and you would be able to start a life together that is blessed by God and it is legal and yes, you had your Dream Wedding afterall!

My wedding was not that grand but I could say that yes, I was happy. I was with the man I loved and our two kids were there too. Yes, I had my Church wedding after some years. I got married first via civil rites. Did I have my Dream Wedding? It is hard to really put a tag in a very sacred occasion or should I say, was it really my dream wedding or did I really dream of a big one? What was the purpose of my getting married?

I am just a girl, who fell in love… Hahahaha!

Yes, I married the man that I love. Should I say more?

NewVeil @ 12:13 pm
Toothbrush Holder

Well, it is me once again. Yes, being at home makes me notice a lot of things that I thought I do not need but I realized, I do!
What is it this time?
I need Toothbrush Holder! Wait–just some joke time–why a toothbrush not called a teehbrush? Hahahaha!
Anyways, how many of us uses a glass to hold their toothbrushes? I see many heads nodding. :)
So, here is another item that should be added in the wedding registry checklist.
Maybe it is a very affordable item and not fit for a wedding but who says that you should buy just that? Buy a complete bathroom set and ensure that a toothbrush holder is included, of course!

NewVeil @ 12:07 pm
Lint Remover

I am inspired about this new topic that I have: Wedding Registry Checklist!
Well, I experienced having a hard time thinking of what gift to give when attending a wedding!
Thank you to wedding organizers who thought of having a wedding registry as part of the wedding.
No need to think about the gift anymore as you can just choose from the gifts in the wedding registry.
Just hope that the items listed there are not that expensive or not within your budget. Too much of the it is the thought that counts saying, huh!
I checked the net for a sample wedding registry checklist and it is okay. No trip to Europe listed there. Hahaha!

Anyways, one thing that I have not seen is the Lint Remover.
I just thought about it when I was about to wear one of my black dresses and saw LINT! I need to remove it but I do not have a lint remover. I used scotch tape, instead.

If I were to get married again, yes, I would definitely appreciate a LINT REMOVER for a gift. 😉

NewVeil @ 11:59 am
Butter Spreader

Attention People who are about to get married or who are already married. Be sure to get a Butter Spreader! I mean, not of all of us have it in our list or not all of us really use one, right? Well, we might just use a spoon or a knife or even a fork for it. When do we really use a butter spreader? Maybe just in Hotels where there is a formal dine in or who offers all courses of a particular meal, right?

Anyways, why did I think of a Butter Spreader today? My husband complained when I gave him a spoon for his Butter.
I promised myself that I will buy a Butter Spreader as soon as I have time to visit a Home Section.

For those who are just about to get married, put that in your wedding registry and avoid a small fight in the future.

NewVeil @ 11:46 am
Validation from Others
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Do you sometimes need validation from others even if you already know what to do?
Well, it happens to me all the time.
Just like a couple of seconds ago, I was about to e-mail my friend to ask her advise if I need to create a new blog or just resurrect my old blog that still has until April 2016–the domain contract–I mean.
Then, I realized, I already know what to do. I will create a new blog. After all, I already listed down more than 20 titles to write about. There are also lot of topics that I could dwell on.

NewVeil @ 11:46 am