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Six years of blogging
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So, I have been blogging for six years now? Maybe more than six? I just checked my profile in an advertiser’s site and it says there that my profile was created April 9, 2009. Imagine that? Well, I hope I was able to contribute something to my readers. I know that I have one or two people or more, I hope who pass by this blog from time to time. I would like to thank you for taking time to read my thoughts. I do hope to be able to write more and be able to share something to you.

So I want to be a big time blogger? I do! I just do not have much time since this blog was created as a medium for my thoughts when I do not have someone to talk to. It is my outlet. I hope I will have that gift of being able to write more sensible materials so that it will worth the while of the readers. :) Soon, I hope.

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Bring back the passion in writing
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After almost two months, I received an opportunity for this blog again. Well, a blessing is a blessing no matter how small it is, right? I am so happy. I always like to look back on that feeling when I was first accepted to write a post for a certain company. I was offered $2 for that post and without thinking twice, I immediately grabbed it and wrote it right away. I would like to bring that passion in me. I would like to write more.

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High standards
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One of my friends believe in the best of everything even in giving gifts. So, if you think of giving him something, always think of the Top Rated Gear. I really admire his disposition regarding that matter since who does not like to settle for less, right? It is good to have high standards and working hard to meet those. It is a good thing that not all best things are that expensive.

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Revisit Faith
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Thank You God for the blessings. Be it big or small, it is still a blessing. Do you believe in that? Maybe my prayers are small too? Well, I need to revisit my faith. I have not been going to church for the longest time in my life. It is a bad thing, I know. That is why I would like to really thank the Good Lord for not forsaking me. God is really good all the time!

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Be like the greats in music
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Visit for all your music needs. It is a good store to shop about anything and everything. Well, I for one frequents the site and so many options to choose from in terms of guitar selections, sound systems, bass instruments and up to the accessories! Much more, there are really good promo offers that you really could not resist!

It is good to explore music sites. You learn as well of old brands, new brands and those that are being used by the music greats! It feels like shopping with them too!

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Harry Potter Candies
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My co-worker is distributing Harry Potter candies. Well, it is time for fun as we are all about to go Home! What a great Monday that we could manage to have some fun by tasting candies in random– since not all the candies taste good. Yes, bring back the kids in us!

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Explore art
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I love to try New Products! Well, it is like having a new experience. I also like the smell of new! It is a refreshing feeling. That is why I love Christmas. You know, those days when we were still kids, we only have new things during the Holidays! It is worth the wait though! Well, imagine having one year worth of gifts from tons of people. This year, I want a guitar! Yes, I want to make some music. I want to compose. I want to explore a new form of art!

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